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Guilin, Hong Kong, here I come!

Just an update to tell you all that I won’t be updating for about a week and a half, as I’ll be having WAY TOO MUCH FUN in Guilin and Hong Kong. That is, if our self-planned trip doesn’t completely disintegrate and fall into a million little pieces.

Things I am most excited for:

  • FINALLY seeing Guilin and the Li River’s beautifully weird mountainous landscape – something I’ve been anxious to see ever since one of my host families in Thailand told me about them
  • Staying the night in Ping’an village, where the Longji rice terraces are, which are supposed to be crazy beautiful
  • Experiencing my first overnight train ride in China… should be an interesting night!
  • Meeting a few fellow AIESECers for lunch in Shenzhen before we cross over into Hong Kong
  • Being able to use the internet WITHOUT A VPN in Hong Kong 🙂
  • And… well, just going to Hong Kong in general?  Do I really need a reason to be excited about it?  I mean it’s Hong Kong, it’s gonna be great.  Food, night life, shopping, and even some scenic views, what more could you ask for from a city?

So yeah, assuming everything goes right, this trip is gonna be BO$S.  I’m going with a few other girls:  my roommate, Kim, Valerie (who also goes to U of I), and Sarah.  It’s a super fun group and I’m pumped to be going with them!

Guilin/HK 2013 with these lovely ladies

Guilin/HK 2013 with these lovely ladies – Sarah, Val, Kim, and me


Guilin’s iconic landscape


The view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

I’ll talk to you all in about a week —- laaaater!


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