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Huangpu River Cruise

IT HAS BEEN A LOONNNNGGG TIME since my last update.  Sorry dudes.  Life happens.

Actually, though, it’s been a really nice and relaxing week, much thanks to China’s national holiday (basically like China’s version of US’s “independence day”; more here).  Everyone gets a day (or week) off of work and school and literally half of China travels to their hometowns or go on tours to different places, etc., and since SO many people do it, it’s basically the worst time to travel or go anywhere, really) in China.

So this week, we had class on Monday and Tuesday, and then the rest of the week off thanks to the holiday.  For the most part it’s been relaxing, but somehow time seems to slip away from me in China.  I’ve been meaning to sit down and write blog posts and postcards all week, but alas!  Life is happening and crazy and fun and good.

Anyways, this post isn’t about this week.  It’s about last week.  As a part of the Alliance program, we got to go on a cruise on the Huangpu River.  It was really extra fun and special because not only was it Alliance students and our Chinese roommates, but our Chinese teachers came, too!


Myself, my Chinese teacher named Gao Laoshi, and my classmates Sarah, Kim, and Karielle.  And this is the part of the post where I proclaim my love for my Chinese teacher.  Gao Laoshi is so awesome!!!!

The cruise lasted a little more than an hour, and we were on this schnazzy boat:




A pretty fancy boat if I do say so myself.

The cruise was really pleasant, and it was SO cool to see the lights of Shanghai on both sides of the river.

DSC_0948    DSC_0892 DSC_0966    DSC_0976

Afterwords, a few of us ventured to a DELICIOUS restaurant where I enjoyed a freaking LYCHEE martini.  So much yum.  But on the way, we made a detour down an alleyway and had an impromptu photoshoot:



Everyone’s poses combined with the graffiti…. It was pretty funny.

Overall, last weekend was a total winner.  Enjoyed the Bund, had good food, and spent some well-deserved time with friends.


I ❤ SH!!!!




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