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I’ve finally arrived in china!  

Technically, I arrived this past Friday around 3 in the afternoon (but about 2am USA time). Everything that I was worried about went very smoothly. Check in went quickly, security was fine, the plane ride was long but interesting, and once I arrived in China I was not conned by anyone to take a bad taxi, and aside from not being sure where to find an ATM, I had no issues. The taxi I took to my apartment took about an hour, but he dropped me off right in front of the building. It was perfect. I didn’t even have to worry about my luggage, because there was an elevator. I couldn’t’ve asked for a smoother trip. 
Now that I’ve been here a few days, I am getting excited for the other students to arrive and for classes to start. It’s been nice getting by on my own, but it will be more exciting to have a lot of people around to do things with. I’m also excited to meet my roommates! Because as nice as my apartment is, it’s kind of lonely to arrive every night at home and be alone haha. 
I am also definitely missing welcome week at U of I. It’s always so much fun!! But as one of my friends (who is also studying abroad this semester) pointed out, we only get this for four months. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Too true. 
So overall, things have been adjusting well. And I can’t wait to get the ball rolling so I can improve my abominable 中文。haha, we’ll see how that goes!!

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